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Media Releases

2 June, 2023: 'Point-of-care COVID-19 testing in remote First Nations communities', UNSW Newsroom 

18 September, 2020: '$2 Billion to extend critical health services across Australia', Prime Minister, Minister of Health

16 April, 2020: ‘Rapid COVID-19 test for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’, Flinders University media

16 April,2020: ‘Rapid COVID-19 testing available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’, UNSW Newsroom

16 April, 2020: ‘World first rapid COVID-19 testing to protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities’, Australian Government Department of Health.

In the Media

17 January, 2024: 'TGA approves RSV vaccine for use through private prescription for Australians over 60' ABC News

6 July, 2023: 'Respiratory syncytial virus cases close to 10 times higher is some states, as testing rates increase' ABC News

17 August, 2022: 'As COVID reduces Aboriginal health services in Central Australia, health leaders call for action.' Croakey Health Media.

6 July, 2022: 'Flu surges across the Kimberley after successive years of very low case numbers during COVID-19' ABC News

8 June, 2022: 'Two patients a day evacuated from Maningrida as flu outbreak worsens in Northern Territory.' ABC News

31 January, 2022: 'Utopia region in remote NT battles COVID-19 amid floods, no phone service.' ABC News

31 January, 2022: 'Omicron seeps into WA mine site as BHP, 29Metals workers record positive COVID tests.' ABC News

18 December, 2021: 'Tennant Creek plunged into COVID lockdown as community confirms four new cases', ABC News

17 December, 2021: 'Tennant Creek into lockdown after four confirmed COVID-19 cases: Acting Chief Minister', NT Independent

18 November, 2021: 'Robinson River likely to reach 100 per cent vaccination rate amit NT COVID outbreak', ABC News

8 November, 2021: 'Caring for people with COVID-19', National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce.

13 October, 2021: 'Schools at centre of latest COVID-19 surge in Walgett.', ABC News.

10 October, 2021: 'Aboriginal communities battle COVID as health experts sound the alarm on borders opening', ABC News

21 September, 2021: 'Remote Aboriginal Medical Services mobilise rapid testing drives as COVID spreads west.', ABC News

9 August, 2021: 'COVID-19: The road to equity and solidarity', thebmg

23 July, 2021: 'Test Agreement between Roche Cobas 6800 and Cepheid GeneXpert Xpress SARS-CoV-2 Assays at High Cycle Threshold Ranges', ASM Journals | Journal of Clinical Microbiology

14 June, 2021: 'SARS-CoV-2 variants: Are Ct values an unused piece of the profiling puzzle?', SelectScience.

24 May, 2021: 'Top 3 COVID-19 vaccine questions - Antibody tests, testing positive for COVID-19 and COVIDsafe travel', Australian Government | Department of Health

14 May, 2021: 'The challenge of vaccinating 3500 remote Australians across 75,000 square kilometers', The Sydney Morning Herald

13 March, 2021: 'COVID success shows an Indigenous voice works', The Australian

10 March, 2021: 'Cairns Hospital declares 'code yellow' emergency after influx of COVID-19 patients from PNG', ABC News

29 January, 2021: 'Innovation at work: Community Control Success Strories at Katungul', Croakey Professional Services

19 November, 2020: 'The “Unsung” Impacts of COVID-19 on the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in Western Australia', AHCWA

16 April, 2020: ‘Virus test sites head for remote Australia’, Canberra Times

16 April, 2020: ‘'Game changer': Coronavirus testing to be fast-tracked in remote Indigenous communities’, SBS News

16 April, 2020: ‘Remote communities to get 45 minute COVID-19 tests’, PM, ABC Perth

16 April, 2020: ‘Mobile coronavirus test sites head for remote Australia’, HealthTimes

16 April, 2020: ‘Rapid COVID-19 test for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’, The National Tribune

17 April, 2020: ‘Rapid results to ease virus anxiety’, Breakfast, ABC Kimberley

22 April, 2020: 'Bullet proofing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities from COVID-19', Croakey

14 May, 2020: ‘45-Minute COVID-19 Tests Aid Remote Australian Aboriginal Communities’, Sydney Sun